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Guess what?
I dunno T.T







penguincoco has started a donation pool!
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Donate please! :iconfavesforpoints:
CURRENT BALANCE: 308 :points:

Cheap Bobble Chibi and Chibi Head Commissions Open! New Commission Styles! 10-40 points!Bobble Chibi's and Chibi Head's!
Left, Bobble Chibi's, right, Chibi Head's 

Bobble Chibi's have two options:
1. Full (Simple) Colors - 40 :points:
2. Black and White with a splash of color for their eyes - 35 :points:
Chibi Head's have two options: 
1. White Skinned with base colors for their hair - 15 :points:
2. Black and White - 10 :points:
If you'd like one comment below or shoot me a note! 

(Some) Point Commissions Open: Point Commissions (Updated) (New Commission Type!)Fully updated as of 7/31/2013
CHIBI (TYPE 1): :bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen:
DESIGN (TYPE 2): :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred:
CHIBI DESIGN (TYPE 3): :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred:
CHIBI POKEMON COSTUME (TYPE 4): :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred:
SKETCH COLOR (TYPE 5): :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred:
DOODLE DUMP (TYPE 6): [Bullet; Red] CLOSED [Bullet; Red] 

MINI SKETCH CHIBI (TYPE 7): [Bullet; Red] CLOSED [Bullet; Red] 
[New] BOBBLE CHIBI (TYPE 8): [Bullet; Green] OPEN [Bullet; Green][New]
:new CHIBI HEAD (TYPE 9): [Bullet; Green] OPEN [Bullet; Green][New]
80 [Points]=1 drawing of a Chibi person: With color (White background) (Sample: )
140 [Points] = 1 drawing of one Chibi with color and a simple background (Complex Background = Cost will vary) (Samples: &
TIME: Approximately 2 weeks, less (Sorry if that's too long, I'



I'm trying to save points to upgrade one of my groups to a super group so please help and support me!!! :aww:

(If you donate points and do not message me, I will take it as a free donation :aww:)



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So hey guys! Been a while huh? Well I have a few updates for you and please do read them (or at least skim it :/), these aren't just important art updates, they're important updates about my life as a whole (that affect my art). 

1. It's almost the end of summer and I realize I've done almost nothing so yeah, sorry about that >.< I don't want to get too personal but lets leave it at things have been rough for me. My mental state isn't doing too well. I'm not going further then that, I think that says enough (I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be but things still aren't good). 
Which brings me to #2. I actually have been drawing but most of my drawings are my own (no commissions (I'll address commissions later in this journal)) to help me cope. I've also been writing a lot; mostly creative (character development and stuff like that) and some personal (personal journal entries, etc...). 
3. As you all know I went to Europe for 10 days in July. I said I would be uploading pictures and yes I've been behind on that but I'll do my best to start uploading at least a few pics. Probably not all of them but at least the big things like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, etc... 
4. Okay so to anybody who commissioned me: I'm very very very very very sorry I haven't gotten anything done for you. I truly am, I wanted to get at least one thing done for each of you before vacation ends (and there's still 2 weeks, there's a chance I'll get something done for at least one of you (and I apologize in advance if the thing I do isn't your commission)) but I've been struggling and I don't have quite as much energy. All the energy I have to draw is used on my own drawings to help me cope. Again, I'm truly sorry. All of you have been waiting so patiently for a very long time and I feel absolutely pathetic that I haven't been able to do anything for you guys lately and I'll try and compose myself for the last couple weeks of vacation and get something done. Thank you all for being so patient with me :heart: 
5. So like I've been saying, I have two weeks left of vacation before school starts (actually 13 days; I go back to school on August 27th)
6. I'll be uploading a few things in the coming days: Some of the drawings I've done and lots of updates on my paper stars. 

Thank you to everyone who actually read this journal (or at least skimmed it). I know most of you probably don't have time to waste so thanks so much for putting aside a few minutes for me. 

:heart: penguincoco 
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  • Listening to: If I Die Young
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Samasaurus Rex
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
icon comish penguincoco by lolipoploidCommission for penguincoco by ran-chiispell icon by lolipoploid

A little more about me...
-I have 1 older sister
-I love to draw; especially Chibi's :meow:
-I have so many OC's that I can't remember them...
-I don't have any pets (Well, do stuffed animals count? xD)
-My favorite animal is a penguin :D
-My favorite colors are light green and light turquoise blue :)
-I spazz out hysterically a lot
-My favorite Art Supplies/Art/Art Whatever company is Faber Castell
-I'm a Martian from Pluto (lolwhut)
-I've always wanted to visit New Zealand
-I'm a fangirl of so many things (*ahem* Percy Jackson, Avatar the Last Airbender, Code Lyoko, Dragonball, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, Teen Titans, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, DC Comics, Legend of Korra, Young Justice, Sailor Moon, Team StarKid, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Code Lyoko Evolution, Savvy, Vocaloid, The Hobbit *ahem* no big deal, lol)
Twitter: @penguincoco11
Instagram: penguincoco

Favorite Anime Character(s): Tahno, Asami, Bolin, Chief Bei Fong, Lita/Sailor Jupiter/Makoto
Favorite Vocaloid(s): Kagamine Rin and Len, Kamui Gakupo, KAITO
Favorite Cartoon Character(s): Nightwing, Jinx, Batman, Razer the Red Lantern, Aya, Zatanna
Favorite Book or Movie Characters: Gred and Forge, Severus Snape, Leo Valdez

OTPs: Severus x Lily (Sily? xD), Barney x Robin (SWARKLES :D), Blue Beetle x Impulse (BluePulse), Razer x Aya (Razaya)

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Will Farrell

Favorite StarKids: Lauren Lopez, Brian Holden, Joe Walker

Current Residence: Pigfarts
Favourite genre of music: UM... POTATO. Did I get an A? loljk Does Vocaloid count as a genre? xD
Favourite style of art: Chibi :D
Personal Quote: "If you can't fix it with duct tape, screw it, it's broke"

YAY! Deviants I know in real life: :iconblaqbee::iconindigo-sparks-fly::iconvabvibe::iconhonolulu-blue::iconmrsupermuffinman::icontotocrokka::iconnomolos-gnaw::icontip-of-the-top-hat:



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Right thank you! And I just got back from Europe (literally, I got back last night xp) 
I'm gonna take today and tomorrow just to settle back and home and try to readjust to the time here in MA but I'll check it out some time this week (: 
E-Man276 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Fantastic! I'm sure my mates there will give you a warm welcome!
penguincoco Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014   Traditional Artist
(I'm sorry to say I haven't checked it out yet. There really is no excuse but I will check it out this week! Absolute promise)
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