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Team JSMN by penguincoco
Ta da!!! 

I present to you, Team JSMN (pronounced "Jasmine"). 
More RWBY hehehe xD  

Wowee omg I drew males (very feminine looking males but males nonetheless xDDDDD) ... I'll get better xD
**Also just a note about this drawing but what I did was pencil it and then I made a photocopy of it and that's what I outlined and colored which is why there are some soft sketch marks visible** 

From left to right (though it's pretty obvious to see... DxD) June, Solace, Mars, Neon.
Solace and Mars are the older, twin brothers of my other RWBY OC Luna Astoria (the one with the black and white hair in a ponytail): Team GLCR - Luna and Romana
They're all adults now (they've graduated from Beacon) but they are all still friends, roommates and work together a lot : D 

Random but I personally adore June and Mars' outfits xD <3 

Short bios :D (I'll try to keep it short, like I always to... But it might fail... Like it usually does xDD) 

Name: June Dune
Height: 5 feet 9 inches (in heels; 5 feet 7 inches without heels) 
Weight: 149 pounds 
Age: 27
Semblance: Control earth/rocks 
Weapon(s): Blades that come out of her arm cuffs, grapple on right arm cuff, staff (on the back of her belt) that she rarely uses 
Kingdom of origin: Atlas 
Occupation(s): Huntress, pilot 
Personality: Headstrong, stubborn, consistent yet unpredictable, protective, independent, clever, quick-minded, perceptive, confident 

Name: Solace Astoria 
Height: 6 feet 3 inches 
Weight: 212 pounds 
Age: 27
Semblance: Melt and resolidify things (change something's state of matter) 
Weapon(s): Mace that turns into a a blunderbuss 
Kingdom of origin: Vale
Occupation(s):  Huntsman, bookshop owner 
Personality: Quiet, reserved, thoughtful, intelligent, clever, logic-oriented, compassionate, considerate, polite, gentle, relaxed 

Name: Mars Astoria
Height: 6 feet 3 inches 
Weight: 201 pounds 
Age: 27 
Semblance: Chi manipulation (channeled in the form of energy rings/pulses)
Weapon(s): Sais, guns, shield
Kingdom of origin: Vale
Occupation(s): Huntsman, Circus acrobat
Personality: Optimistic, comical, intelligent, easygoing, carefree 

Name: Neon Algar
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (in heels; 5 feet 4 inches without heels) 
Weight: 105 pounds 
Age: 27
Semblance: Create solid surfaces/objects and control the force of friction on those surfaces 
Weapon(s): Mallet that turns into a cannon/rocket launcher 
Occupation(s): Huntress, director 
Personality: Hyperactive, persistent, easygoing, independent, "wild card", confident, clever, loyal 

So yee, that's about it for now xD (Wow I actually managed to keep it pretty short lol) 

June Dune, Solace and Mars Astoria and Neon Algar © MEH LEGENDARY xD  
Team GLCR - Luna and Romana by penguincoco
Team GLCR - Luna and Romana
Ta da!!! The second part of Team GLCR (glacier)!

Luna Astoria and Romana Creed.

So um yeah, not much to say here cause all the info's on the paper DxD Yee xD 


Griffin and Corsa are here if you're curious : D Team GLCR - Griffin and Corsa 

Luna Astoria, Romana Creed, Team GLCR © MEH LEGENDARY xD  
Team GLCR - Griffin and Corsa by penguincoco
Team GLCR - Griffin and Corsa
Hehe so yeah, have any of you guys ever seen the series RWBY? 

Well, as always, I must make OCs when I discover some show/book/series/whatever that I like lolollll

These are two of the members of my team, Team GLCR (pronounced as glacier) The team is led by Griffin Winters. This drawing has two of the members. Griffin Winters and Corsa Valkyrie (and if you watch the show, you'll probably recognize the last name and yes, she is Nora's older sister xD). Team GLCR is in the same year as team CFVY and they're all super good friends xD (And I'm just going to say this, there's a pretty good chance that Griffin has a thing for Coco xD 

Um, yeah, usually I try to keep descriptions short and then it fails but this timeverything is already kind of written on the paper, I don't have to write anything down here really xD 

The remaining members of GLCR coming soon... ;]

Griffin Winters, Corsa Valkyrie and Team GLCR © MEH LEGENDARY xD  
Hey everybody so things aren't really different from when I wrote my last journal entry (things are still kinda chaotic and busy and just a mess) so yeah ;o; Idk why I'm even posting this but I want to try and at least get a journal entry out every couple of months just so you guys know I'm still alive DxD 

Also, there are actually a few drawings I have saved on and ready to upload to dA (and they've been ready to upload since the summer but I never got around to it so I'm going to be uploading them in the coming weeks (probably)).

Hope you're all doing well :] 
Yukiko Ishimoto by penguincoco
Yukiko Ishimoto
Ummmm so I drew this over the summer but never actually got around to uploading it :/ 

Huehuehue new OC xD : D 

She's a Corpse Party OC : D (Yes, I LOVE Corpse Party xD <3)
I've had the idea for her for like, a year (lol) but I hadn't actually thought of anything other than a general design and that she'd be from Kisaragi (in the end she isn't from Kisaragi LOL).

Name: Ishimoto Yukiko (石本雪子; いしもとゆきこ) (**Note: In Japan, last names come first so her first name is Yukiko**) 
Age: 17
Sex: Female 
Height: 5 feet 4 inches/162.5 cm
Weight: 109 pounds/49.4 kg
Birthdate: June 28 (Gemini) 
Blood type: A
Bust size: C
School: Byakudan Senior High School 
Occupation: High school student
Class: 2-4 
Status: Deceased 
Likes: Pandas, the colors blue and green, snow, rice (xD) 
Dislikes: Eel, small spaces, sexist men
Hobbies: Playing the piano, taking walks, shopping 
Future dream: To be a singer
Personality: Yukiko is a gentle girl who doesn't like to raise her voice too much. Physically, she's average height and weight. Her light brown hair is tied into a ponytail with a green ribbon and she has light brown eyes. She's the typical sweet, innocent, obedient and lovable girl by appearances but mentally, she's hard as a rock. Though she doesn't like to raise her voice, she always stands up for what she believes in. She is also a feminist. 

Post Heavenly Host Elementary School
Ishimoto Yukiko is the oldest of 6 girls (counting herself). She was born to Ishimoto Tadayoshi and Matsumoto Hikari. From the moment she began to talk, she loved to sing. Her voice has always won her the admiration of many. Lots of boys in school are drawn to her because of her singing. She's been neighbors with Yuuya and Kensuke her entire life and has maintained a good friendship with both of them (hence why she addresses them by their first names). 

Yukiko arrived in Heavenly Host Elementary School with her friends from Byakudan: (All the names are organized by how SHE calls them (whether it be by their first name or family name)) Emi, Tohko, Mitsuki, Kensuke, Shimada, Fukuroi, Yuuya, Ohkawa and Kirisaki. She didn't wake up with Yuuya's group (Shimada, Emi, Tohko, Ohkawa and Kirisaki). When she wakes up, the only person there was Kensuke. They wander around looking for their friends for a while until they come across Yuki's ghost. They both run away out of fear and get separated. Yukiko wanders around on her own for a while after that (looking for her friends) until she comes across Yuuya (who was already crazy by then). Yuuya tells her he hasn't seen anyone else from their group yet and reassured her by saying he would protect her. Oblivious to what change had occured within him, she proceeds as she always has. Yuuya played normal with her for a while. At some point Yukiko notices the knife in Yuuya's possession and asks him what it was. He pulls it out and strokes it affectionately calling it a "good friend of his". Yukiko begins to feel uncomfortable and considers running away (she knew about Yuuya's incident with the hamster when they were children and she remembered that in that moment). She stands thinking about what she should do for a moment when Yuuya pulled the knife up with the tip pointed towards Yukiko. With a crazed look in his eyes, he says, "I'm going to take care of you now". Yukiko turns and runs away screaming. She eventually finds some sort of small janitors closet and hides in it. While hiding, there is an earthquake that causes her to switch to another Heavenly Host in another dimension. After the earthquake passes, Yuuya opens the door to the closet and sees that she isn't there. Confused, he closes the door and screams "YOU CAN'T AVOID ME FOREVER" and laughs maniacally. 

After some time had passed and Yukiko felt that it was safe, she climbes out of the closet. She continus to wander as she had hoping that she'd find Kensuke (or one of her friends) and not run into Yuuya again. Her mind starts to crack then and she wonders why Yuuya would turn on her like that. She eventually runs into a blue haired girl named Shinozaki Ayumi and a blonde boy named Kishinuma Yoshiki from Kisaragi Academy. She joins them in their wanderings and helps them appease the spirits. At some point, while walking (Yukiko walking a few feet behind Shinozaki and Kishinuma slightly lost in thought), an earthquake begins and a big hold beneath Yukiko's feet opens. Kishinuma runs back and grabs her hand just in time but the ground is still shaking making it hard to hold on and Yukiko falls into the hole. (**After this, Yuki managed to bring Kishinuma and Shinozaki back to Kisaragi**). 

Yukiko, knocked out from falling, wakes up some time later under a pile of wood. Unsure of where she is, she lay under the wood. She begins to consider the fact that she might never get out of Heavenly Host and that she'd died there. Suddenly, she feels a strange wave of sleepiness wash over her so she falls asleep for a while. When she wakes up she's not really sure how long she was asleep. She lays there for a moment ready to go back to sleep but she hears two familiar voices neaby. It was Shinozaki and Kishinuma. She calls out to them and they help her get out. They tell her the truth about the murders and how to get out. However, since she isn't part of their group, she asks them if there's a way for her to get out. Shinozaki says maybe if she uses her piece with their group it might work. They decide to just keep going and figure out what to do about that when the time comes. 

And as most characters in Corpse Party, she dies DxD

Heh I tried to keep this short. That kinda just want BWAK in my face DxD 
Oh well DxD
I even cut down the writing quality to try and keep it short so good transitions and writing aren't really a thing in this lol (yeah definitely not I'm writing in past tense half the time and present tense the other half lol I fixed a few spots but then I was like LOLhahano and stopped xDDD) (actually, whenever I write a character profile, my writing quality goes down like 9,001 notches to keep it shorter DxD). 

Thanks for reading if you actually read that all xD <3 
Also, I'll be quite honest; her colors remind me of an olive lol  

Hope you like her c: 

Ishimoto Yukiko; 石本雪子; いしもとゆきこ © MEH LEGENDARY xD  


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Cheap Bobble Chibi and Chibi Head Commissions Open! New Commission Styles! 10-40 points!Bobble Chibi's and Chibi Head's!
Left, Bobble Chibi's, right, Chibi Head's 

Bobble Chibi's have two options:
1. Full (Simple) Colors - 40 :points:
2. Black and White with a splash of color for their eyes - 35 :points:
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1. White Skinned with base colors for their hair - 15 :points:
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TIME: Approximately 2 weeks, less (Sorry if that's too long, I'



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Hey everybody so things aren't really different from when I wrote my last journal entry (things are still kinda chaotic and busy and just a mess) so yeah ;o; Idk why I'm even posting this but I want to try and at least get a journal entry out every couple of months just so you guys know I'm still alive DxD 

Also, there are actually a few drawings I have saved on and ready to upload to dA (and they've been ready to upload since the summer but I never got around to it so I'm going to be uploading them in the coming weeks (probably)).

Hope you're all doing well :] 


penguincoco's Profile Picture
Samasaurus Rex
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
icon comish penguincoco by lolipoploidCommission for penguincoco by ran-chiispell icon by lolipoploid

A little more about me...
-I have 1 older sister
-I love to draw; especially Chibi's :meow:
-I have so many OC's that I can't remember them...
-I don't have any pets (Well, do stuffed animals count? xD)
-My favorite animal is a penguin :D
-My favorite colors are light green and light turquoise blue :)
-I spazz out hysterically a lot
-My favorite Art Supplies/Art/Art Whatever company is Faber Castell
-I'm a Martian from Pluto (lolwhut)
-I've always wanted to visit New Zealand
-I'm a fangirl of so many things (*ahem* Percy Jackson, Avatar the Last Airbender, Code Lyoko, Dragonball, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, Teen Titans, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, DC Comics, Legend of Korra, Young Justice, Sailor Moon, Team StarKid, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Code Lyoko Evolution, Savvy, Vocaloid, The Hobbit *ahem* no big deal, lol)
Twitter: @penguincoco11
Instagram: penguincoco

Favorite Anime Character(s): Tahno, Asami, Bolin, Chief Bei Fong, Lita/Sailor Jupiter/Makoto
Favorite Vocaloid(s): Kagamine Rin and Len, Kamui Gakupo, KAITO
Favorite Cartoon Character(s): Nightwing, Jinx, Batman, Razer the Red Lantern, Aya, Zatanna
Favorite Book or Movie Characters: Gred and Forge, Severus Snape, Leo Valdez

OTPs: Severus x Lily (Sily? xD), Barney x Robin (SWARKLES :D), Blue Beetle x Impulse (BluePulse), Razer x Aya (Razaya)

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Will Farrell

Favorite StarKids: Lauren Lopez, Brian Holden, Joe Walker

Current Residence: Pigfarts
Favourite genre of music: UM... POTATO. Did I get an A? loljk Does Vocaloid count as a genre? xD
Favourite style of art: Chibi :D
Personal Quote: "If you can't fix it with duct tape, screw it, it's broke"

YAY! Deviants I know in real life: :iconblaqbee::iconindigo-sparks-fly::iconvabvibe::iconhonolulu-blue::iconmrsupermuffinman::icontotocrokka::iconnomolos-gnaw::icontip-of-the-top-hat:



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