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A Star in the Sky by penguincoco
A Star in the Sky
More of my lovely baby Yvaine <3 

I'm really beginning to learn how to hate my scanner orz It made all the colors look less "concentrated" orz

So I've been drawing a lot of her lately but I haven't actually drawn her with her staff really and I've NEVER drawn her with her wings so I was like, "what the heck, why not lol"
I've drawn her wings before but I've never drawn them on her (first appearance of the wings here lol (near the bottom right): Yvaine Redesign Sketches

Her wings aren't exactly attached to her body. All Star Angels have wings made out of Star Energy, but they aren't actually part of them. Their wings are only really necessary for why they need to fly fast and for Star Travel (travelling faster than the speed of light). When they need their wings, they just summon some Star Energy to form their wings and maintain control over them until they're done. When they're done, the wings just disperse and go back to being unformed Star Energy. 

I also really wanted to draw her with her staff xD Just cause her staff is pretty and so you all can see how large it is in comparison to her body. The whole staff is about as tall as she is and her symbol on the end is about the size of half of her head (well, Chibi head, if I drew her regular style, the staff would be about the size of her head). 

I wasn't going to add a background at first but I was like "hahahlolwhatever" and added a simple background. It's kind of hard to see but if you look you can see that the dark blue that I used to color the sky actually doesn't really touch her body much/at all. At first, when I was unsure if I wanted to add a background, I didn't want to color TOO close to her in case I decided to erase the background. As I kept going (and decided that I WOULD be keeping the background), I decided I actually liked the idea of the darkness not touching her (since she IS a part star; her energy and body fights darkness) so it's like she's repelling it.

Ummm... Yeah. That's all for now xD 

I hope you like it : D <3

Yvaine and Star Angels © MEH LEGENDARY xD  
Taiya by penguincoco

Just something quick c: 

Little wardrobe piece thing for my OC Taiya c: <3 

(Original sketches and stuff here xD Taiya First Development Sketches)

The Queen's Queens by penguincoco
The Queen's Queens
Ta daaaa. The Queens of each planet in the Queen's Galaxy when each race was destroyed.
(And yes, they are the Queen's Queens. They're the Queens of the Queen's Galaxy and therefore, the Queen's Queens xD). 

From left to right: Queen Alonra of the Star Angels, Queen Alathaia of the Crystal Elves, Queen Equinox of the Dragon Nymphs, Queen Zipporah of the Fire Witches, Queen Elyria of the Night Spirits
**Note: Elyria isn't really a "queen", she is as in she is the oldest Night Spirit of them all (she is the very first Night Spirit to ever be created) but on the Night Planet, there isn't really a queen or a king; there are 4 princesses (the 4 original Night Spirits) and Tatiana just happens to be the oldest so when the other queens meet, Elyria goes as to take the Queen position.**

I did my best to draw them all by height c:

Alonra: 5 feet 8 inches (above average height for a female Star Angel)
Alathaia: 5 feet 11 inches (average height for a female Crystal Elf)
Equinox: 6 feet 3 inches (above average height for a Dragon Nymph)
Zipporah: 5 feet 1 inch (above average height for a female Fire Witch)
Elyria: 5 feet 5 inches  (above average height for a female Night Spirit)

Um I think it might also be fun to include their ages DxD (in Queen years ;u; 1 Queen year = 4 human years)
Alonra: 255 (average life span for Star Angels: 250-300 queen years)
Alathaia: 198 (average life span for Crystal Elves: 200-220 queen years)
Equinox: 209 (average life span for Dragon Nymphs: 180-205 queen years) 
Zipporah: 247 (average life span for Fire Witches: 245-260 queen years)
Tatiana: as old as the Queen's Galaxy itself (life span for Night Spirits: immortal) 
Yes, physical aging is not really a thing in their galaxy xD (how nice right? xD) 

Sooooo yeah, speaking of destruction of the planets. Of course, a Queen's duty is to protect her people, right? 
Alonra wasn't really there to defend because her brother/sisters and their generation of power was over and the generation of her daughters (Minwa, Saphesse,...Yvaine) was moving in. She really didn't have much power so the best way for them to fight the robot was for her (Alonra) to pass on and give full power of Battle to Yvaine (making her a queen). 
Crystal Elves aren't a belligerant race so they weren't particularly hard to defeat. They certainly weren't a quick defeat but they weren't a hard battle either. 
The Dragon Nymphs as a whole gave the antimonitor the hardest time. Dragon Nymphs are well known for their skill with the sword and they're also notoriously hard to kill.
Queen Zipporah (Fire Witches) was the hardest queen to defeat. Fire Witches have things called Fire Animals (they're literally what they sound like; their animals made from fire that Fire Witches can control). The Queen's/King's (whichever was born into royalty) Fire Animal is a phoenix. Not only can they summon the power of their phoenix but they can call for additional power (all the gold parts of their body glow, their crown glows, their dress (if they are a queen) bursts into flame and gold phoenix wings light up on their faces). Zipporah's strength and ability with her Fire Phoenix made her very difficult to defeat.
The Night Spirits were, by far, the easiest race to defeat. Being spirits of the night, they can simply turn into wind (they can also control the wind and are excellent healers). Night Spirits are COMPLETE pacifists; they don't believe in fighting in the slightest. When the antimonitor came, they didn't fight it, they simply turned into the wind (hoping that he wouldn't be able to get them since they didn't have solid, physical forms) but they were wrong. The robot simply sucked up all of their living energy. However, a few Night Spirits were able to reform before all of their energy got sucked up. They fought back to the best of their ability but the truth was, while not all of their energy had been absorbed, some of it was and they were greatly weakened. Within no time, they were all absorbed by the robot as well. 

OKay okay okay oikay oikayyyy I tried to keep this really short so I'm going to stop here DxD 

Hope you like it ;u; 

Also, out of curiosity, who is your favorite queen? ;u;

Queen Alonra and the Star Angels, Queen Alathaia and the Crytal Elves, Queen Equinox and the Dragon Nymphs, Queen Zipporah and the Fire Witches and Queen Tatiana and the night Spirits © MEH LEGENDARY xD  
Things Change - Sabrina Paige/Blackbird by penguincoco
Things Change - Sabrina Paige/Blackbird

Just a quick drawing of my character Sabrina Paige. On the left, it's her first costume (when she was Nightgirl) and on the right it's her second one (when she became Blackbird c: ).

This is just a project (well, not really project but it's more like when I do these type of things they'll be called "Things Change") where I draw a character when they were younger/in their first costume vs when they're older/in their newer costume. I'm also doing another "project" (again, not really a project; they're more like series) called "Original vs. New". That's not the same as this "project". Things change is just a costume change; the character moved (maybe) from one period of their life to the next so they chose to change costumes. Original vs. New is the comparison of what the character was when I first created and uploaded them (their first official publishing) compared to what they are now (after all the redesigns I did for them).

Hope you like it c: 

More "things change" to come for different characters c: 

Sabrina Paige/Nightgirl/Blackbird © MEH LEGENDARY xD  
Star Angel Princesses by penguincoco
Star Angel Princesses
Once again, the Star Angel princesses : D 

I love these 8 ladies :heart: I love everything about them: their designs, their names, their personalities, etc... :heart: 

This drawing is kind of a remake of this drawing: The Star Angel Princesses, except this time I took more things into account (body type, height (especially height lol)). Also I actually arranged them by age from left to right rather than making this weird box thing xD 
I wanted to arrange them in one long line so you could see all the height comparisons better but I found it annoying looking at such a long picture/annoying to have to scroll so DxD

Above their heads (to the left) are the symbols for the cultural values that they represent: 
Terique: Art/music
Itiri: Beauty/love
Yvaine: Battle 

Terique: 5 feet 4 inches 
Itiri: 5 feet 6 inches
Yvaine: 5 feet 7 inches 
(Average height for female Star Angels if 5 feet 6 inches. Average height for males is 5 feet 10 inches).

Here are little bios for them c: (Normally I wouldn't provide their age in their mini bios; I'd just state the age difference between each sibling but seeing as there are 8 of them and it could get a little confusing, I'm just going to list their ages DxD **Note: The ages provided are how old they were when the Star Angels were massacred. Ages are given in Queen years (1 queen year = 4 human years; The average life span for Star Angels is 250-300 Queen years, as old as 125 years is still considered relatively young to them) (Also, "represents" refers to the cultural value that they embody c: )).
Name: Minwa
Height: 5 feet 8.5 inches
Weight: 131 pounds 
Represents: Balance
Age: 58
Personality: Calm, quick minded, just, strong sense of duty, authoritative, respected, intimidating 
Physical description: Average body type 

Name: Saphesse
Height: 5 feet 9 inches 
Weight: 137 pounds 
Represents: Wisdom
Age: 56 
Personality: Perfective, clever (there's no puzzle or riddle that she can't solve), quick minded, thoughtful, instructive, considerate, cunning, patient
Physical description: Large body type 

Name: Beltara
Height: 5 feet 6 inches 
Weight: 122 pounds
Represents: Balance
Age: 49 
Personality: Calm, patient, fair, thoughtful, perceptive (basically a living lie detector), authoritative 
Physical description: Small body build except for her arms (large(r) arms) 

Name: Valette 
Height: 5 feet 6.5 inches 
Weight: 123 pounds 
Represents: Medicine
Age: 43
Personality: Compassionate, calm, clean, quick, motherly, smart, attentive to detail
Physical description: Thin build (not lanky or bony, just thin) 

Name: Adira
Height: 5 feet 7 inches 
Weight: 123 pounds 
Represents: Education 
Age: 35
Personality: Knowledgeable, precise, logical, can explain everything but can't always produce a solution to a problem, intelligent, thoughtful, instructive  
Physical description: Thin build (not lanky or bony, just thin)
**Quick note: Education and Wisdom in Star Angel culture are two DIFFERENT things. Widsom deals more with perceptiveness and intuitiveness (the ability to advise and create a solution (to riddles, puzzles, difficult situations, etc...). Education is more fact based).**

Name: Terique 
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 103 pounds 
Represents: Art/music 
Age: 30
Personality: Creative, spontaneous, unpredictable, bubbly, optimistic, aloof, ditzy, expressive, outgoing 
Physical description: Small body build

Name: Itiri    
Height: 5 feet 6 inches 
Weight: 118 pounds 
Represents: Beauty/love
Age: 26
Personality: Compassionate, accepting, elegant, graceful, optimistic, motherly, attentive to detail 
Physical description: Average body build 
**Quick note: Beauty/love doesn't just mean physical beauty and romantic love. It means all sorts of beauty (inner and outer) and all kinds of love (sibling, parental, etc...) 

Name: Yvaine
Height: 5 feet 7 inches 
Weight: 130 pounds 
Represents: Battle 
Age: 21
Personality: Realistic, tactical/strategic, authoritative, stubborn, outspoken, calm, collected, thoughtful, responsible 
Physical description: Average body build

The princesses aren't always born in the order of Balance, Widsom, Justice, etc... This just happened to be the order for Yvaine and her sisters. 

So yeah, that's about it for now c: I'll probably draw the princesses/princes of the other planets some time too c: 

(I hope this wasn't too long; I did my best to keep it short DxD)
Hope you like it! :D 

Princesses Minwa, Saphesse, Beltara, Valette, Adira, Terique, Itiri, Yvaine and Star Angels © MEH LEGENDARY xD  


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Left, Bobble Chibi's, right, Chibi Head's 

Bobble Chibi's have two options:
1. Full (Simple) Colors - 40 :points:
2. Black and White with a splash of color for their eyes - 35 :points:
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1. White Skinned with base colors for their hair - 15 :points:
2. Black and White - 10 :points:
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(Some) Point Commissions Open: Point Commissions (Updated) (New Commission Type!)Fully updated as of 7/31/2013
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[New] BOBBLE CHIBI (TYPE 8): [Bullet; Green] OPEN [Bullet; Green][New]
:new CHIBI HEAD (TYPE 9): [Bullet; Green] OPEN [Bullet; Green][New]
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140 [Points] = 1 drawing of one Chibi with color and a simple background (Complex Background = Cost will vary) (Samples: &
TIME: Approximately 2 weeks, less (Sorry if that's too long, I'



I'm trying to save points to upgrade one of my groups to a super group so please help and support me!!! :aww:

(If you donate points and do not message me, I will take it as a free donation :aww:)



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(or at least skim through this journal if you have time DxD This journal will address many important things SUCH AS: COMMISSIONS, DETAILS ABOUT MY PERSONAL SITUATION/EXPLANATIONS, MY PERSONAL ART, ETC... )

Okay. First thing's first.
Explanation time. 
(My personal situation and art)
I know for the past two years I've kind of been on and off the radar. I'm not as active as I should/wish I could be and that's because for a long time, I felt empty. I felt lonely and nothing but negativity.
It was an indescribable feeling. 
I know how cliche it sounds but it's just what it felt like. I lost focus with everything, I lost interest in everything and that really hurt me. Mainly I lost interest in art and drawing and art has always been an outlet for me and losing it damaged my personality so much. I really didn't know what to do or where to go. 
I still drew, but I never did anything good anymore. The quality of my art dropped too (I bet you've all seen my recent Character Dumps? Yeah, look at their eyes (most of all, the eyes just decreased in quality times 10 and I got sloppy with lineart, coloring, etc...). In addition to not having the energy to make art to what I would have wanted, that lack of energy also made me very unhappy with art so I kind of just quit for a while. 
I lived in darkness for a long time and was totally unhappy almost all of the time. And when I felt happy, it didn't feel good cause I knew that feeling would go away soon and when it went away, I usually had a bad crash. I'd be on a high and then instead of just coming down from it slowly, I came crashing down and then would have to pick myself up. 

Recently, I've gotten back some of my energy. I'm not sure how or why or what happened, but I've felt the energy and strength to rebuild myself. To just stand up and remember how great it is to be alive. To feel the sun on my face and remember that no matter how bad or dark things become, light will always show through and things WILL get better.
I've found the ability to draw and create again and it's been so liberating and wonderful being able to do what I love again. 
With that being said, I will be (trying) to start a few projects the summer to keep myself busy. I've already started one and it's brought me joy and happiness that I haven't felt in two years. 

I'm trying to get back on my feet with my personal art and with that, I'll do my best to pick myself up and keep working on (many long over due) commissions! 
Thank you so much for all the people who have already been SO INCREDIBLY patient with me (patience that I don't really deserve in my opinion). I promise, I will do my best to find the energy to draw a WORTHY commission for you <3

And on an unrelated topic, I'm sure most of you have heard that same sex marriage was legalized in the U.S.! I can't describe how happy I am. People should have the right to love and marry whomever they want regardless of sex. 
Congratulations to all the newlyweds out there <3 

Sorry if this was kind of long, I tried my best to keep it short ;u; 



penguincoco's Profile Picture
Samasaurus Rex
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
icon comish penguincoco by lolipoploidCommission for penguincoco by ran-chiispell icon by lolipoploid

A little more about me...
-I have 1 older sister
-I love to draw; especially Chibi's :meow:
-I have so many OC's that I can't remember them...
-I don't have any pets (Well, do stuffed animals count? xD)
-My favorite animal is a penguin :D
-My favorite colors are light green and light turquoise blue :)
-I spazz out hysterically a lot
-My favorite Art Supplies/Art/Art Whatever company is Faber Castell
-I'm a Martian from Pluto (lolwhut)
-I've always wanted to visit New Zealand
-I'm a fangirl of so many things (*ahem* Percy Jackson, Avatar the Last Airbender, Code Lyoko, Dragonball, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, Teen Titans, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, DC Comics, Legend of Korra, Young Justice, Sailor Moon, Team StarKid, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Code Lyoko Evolution, Savvy, Vocaloid, The Hobbit *ahem* no big deal, lol)
Twitter: @penguincoco11
Instagram: penguincoco

Favorite Anime Character(s): Tahno, Asami, Bolin, Chief Bei Fong, Lita/Sailor Jupiter/Makoto
Favorite Vocaloid(s): Kagamine Rin and Len, Kamui Gakupo, KAITO
Favorite Cartoon Character(s): Nightwing, Jinx, Batman, Razer the Red Lantern, Aya, Zatanna
Favorite Book or Movie Characters: Gred and Forge, Severus Snape, Leo Valdez

OTPs: Severus x Lily (Sily? xD), Barney x Robin (SWARKLES :D), Blue Beetle x Impulse (BluePulse), Razer x Aya (Razaya)

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Will Farrell

Favorite StarKids: Lauren Lopez, Brian Holden, Joe Walker

Current Residence: Pigfarts
Favourite genre of music: UM... POTATO. Did I get an A? loljk Does Vocaloid count as a genre? xD
Favourite style of art: Chibi :D
Personal Quote: "If you can't fix it with duct tape, screw it, it's broke"

YAY! Deviants I know in real life: :iconblaqbee::iconindigo-sparks-fly::iconvabvibe::iconhonolulu-blue::iconmrsupermuffinman::icontotocrokka::iconnomolos-gnaw::icontip-of-the-top-hat:



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