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Star Angel Lieutenants by penguincoco
Star Angel Lieutenants
Yahhhh I finished it : D All the Star Angel Lieutenants (they're the right hand gals/next in command in their "cultural value" after each of the princesses)

Left to right: Lycondra, Biana, Asteria, Elladora, Sephina, Helora, Tiare, Zelda

Lycondra works for Minwa (Balance)
Biana works for Saphesse (Wisdom)
Asteria works for Beltara (Justice)
Elladora works for Valette (Medicine) 
Sephina works for Adira (Education) 
Helora works for Terique (Music/Art) 
Tiare works for Itiri (Beauty/Love) 
Zelda works for Yvaine (Battle) 
(Here's the picture with the star Angel princesses c: The Star Angel Princesses)

I did my best to draw them all out according to height (and I think I did a pretty good job overall xD) 

If you look at the picture with the Star Angels Princesses, you might see some similarities in their uniforms. Some (maybe not all, I haven't actually taken too close of a look and compared all of their features but yeah) of those things are marks of which princess/value they work under (I'll try to explain them in words but if you don't really understand it try and match my description with each girl in this picture c: )
And I just wantred to make a quick comment about their uniforms: Each of these things mentioned here are all UNIQUE to their category (with the exception of Balance and Education, they wear the same neck pieces but Balance has a star in their hair as well). For example, the neck piece and cape Sephina's wearing is unique to Star Angels who work under education and so on. Star Angels would only wear the things under a certain value if they're working under that value. 
All Balance personnel wear the neck piece Lycondra's wearing and have a star in their hair. 
All Wisdom personnel wear the neck piece Biana's wearing
All Justice personnel wear two arm cuffs around their biceps and have white gloves on both arms
All Medicine personnel wear a brown piece of cloth tied with string around their neck 
All Education personnel wear the neck piece Sephina's wearing and have a cape over one shoulder
All Music/Art personnel don't wear anything on their arms (not even wrist guards (which all other Star Angels do)) except for small arm bracelet (like the one Helora's wearing) 
All Beauty/Love personnel wear mini skirts (without a back cover/waist cape) and don't wear gloves
All Battle personnel wear the neck piece Zelda's wearing. 

All of these are just cropped out of some character dumps (and some of them are already posted on DeviantART) but a few are in dumps I have yet to upload so yeh xD

Lycondra, Biana, Asteria, Elladora, Sephina, Helora, Tiare and Zelda © MEH LEGENDARY xD
The Eiffel Tower by penguincoco
The Eiffel Tower


But yeah, the Eiffel Tower xD 
Character Dump 9 by penguincoco
Character Dump 9
MOAR CHARACTERS AHAHHAHAHAHA (I'm actually building an army to invade Ireland ah okay bye xD) 

Left to right: 
Top: Galatia, Satyana, Lacey
Bottom: Zamalya, Elladora, Marzia, Alyx 

Galatia. Old-ish Green Lantern OC, you've met her before (I'm too lazy to go into my gallery and get the link DxD). I kinda changed up her colors a bit (I reversed everything from her belt down, everything white is green now and vice versa). She doesn't really have much of a story, she's more of a character that I created just for the fun of designing a character c: (And no, she isn't human) 
Satyana. New(er) OC. I'm not sure if I've ever posted a picture of her on dA before (And I'm too lazy to check xD) so yeh xp When Satyana was little, her planet was taken over by mutant swamp creatures (actually, not sure about that but I'm calling them mutant swamp creatures for now for lack of a better idea xp). Her mother was killed (and she didn't really have a father; he left before Satyana was even born) and Satyana wsa captured and sold into slavery. The creatures broke the people of the planet but it was when Satyana was pushed past her breaking point but didn't give up when the ring came to her and she made her escape. Eventually, with her new power, she went back to her planet with a few other lanterns and sent the mutants back to their planet (wherever that is xD). Later on in life she gets promoted to Green Lantern Honor Guard and with her new ability to travel the universe however she wished she became the 6th member of Justice League Space (c; ). (Satyana's new so I'm still developing her and her story c: ).
Lacey Brown/Huntress. New(er) OC. I created her and her design months ago but I haven't really gotten anywhere with her story so not much to say here DxD (Only that she's the older sister of another one of my OCs, Natalia Brown). 
Zamalya Sol/Hawkwing. New(er) OC. It's pretty easy to see, she's Thanagarian. Zamalya was a high ranking lieutenant on Thanagar before she betrayed them to help save Earth (The dilemma that caused her to pick Earth over Thanagar, haven't really thought of what it is yet so... xD). After her betrayal she remained on Earth and eventually became the 4th member of Justice League Space. 
Elladora. New OC. Another one of my Star Angel Lieutenants. She doesn't really have much of a purpose other than being the medical lieutenant of my OC Valette. 
Marzia Colombera/Foxgirl. NEW OC (brand new xD). I don't know if you guys know but I'm a huge fan of PewDiePie and a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of CutiePieMarzia (I love her so much she's so sweet and adorable and beautiful :heart: xD) so I decided to dedicate a character to her (well, her name xD). Marzia was born and raised in Florence, Italy. She moved to the US and is an achitecture/exterior design student at NYU. She doesn't have any born powers (or powers at all for that matter) but she's a master at stealth and gymnastics. 
Alyxah (Alyx) Agnew/Witcher. Old OC. Not really much new to say about her, she's more of one of those OCs that I created just for the sake of design and because they're fun to draw. 

Wow, this set xD Such little text compared to the last one LOL 

But yeah, that's it c: 

Hope you like it c: 

Galatia, Satyana, Lacey Brown/Huntress, Zamalya Sol/Hawkwing, Elladora, Marzia Colombera/Foxgirl, Alyxah (Alyx) Agnew/Witcher © MEH LEGENDARY xD  
Brown Peacock by penguincoco
Brown Peacock
Ahahahaha yep it's this drawing/dress/design again xD (I've redrawn this at least like, 3 times xD I don't know xp (And I'm too lazy to check to be honest xDDDD) 

It's just fun to draw and nice to color (: It's a simple design but I really like the dress too so why not xD It's a nice thing to draw when I'm having a crap day.

But yeah, just a quick little doodle I did (from almost two months ago LOL that just shows how bad I am I at uploading ahahahaha

That's about it xp Hope you like it! :heart:

Character Dump 8 by penguincoco
Character Dump 8

I'm on a roll with characters lolollll 

So yeah, half of this set you've seen before, the other half you haven't xD 

Warning: A lot of freaking text xD You really don't have to read it tbh I wouldn't xD  

Zaira. Brand new OC, she doesn't really have a major role amongst my OCs. She's one of the fire witch princesses (There are two princesses and three princes). She's my other OC, Zephyra's, older sister. Zaira's half blind, she can't see out of HER left eye (which is why she covers it). She was only born partially blind in that eye but it was such a nuisance that she just had her parents use their magic to make her completely blind in her left eye. Blindness is a common disorder amongst Fire Witches, 3 out of 7 Fire Witches are completely blind and out of the remaining 4, 2 of them are blind/partially blind in one eye. 
Alexa. Okay I said you haven't seen half of the OCs in this set before but I just realized that was a lie DxD You actually have seen Alexa before: Tigress and White Tigress Sketches and Batgirl III and White Tigress Concept Sketches DxD She hasn't really changed much, her design is still relatively the same :3 I haven't really made any changes to her story or anything (but she didn't really have much of one tobegin with DxD She's just one of those characters who I draw for fun sometimes with no real purpose DxD
Rini. You've definitely met her before xD This is her pre-Yin's Order, when she was still a psycopathic killer and known as Black Dragon (but she wasn't really, she could display sanity if she wanted but her view on being sane was that of the Joker's, it's more fun to be "crazy"). When she was young, there was a big fight, buildings were destroyed and she got caught in the debris (she would have been crushed and killed but there was some unnamed hero around that kept her safe), Ra's Al'Ghul/Vandal Savage found her, healed her injuries and manipulated her memory into thinking the heroes were the ones who hurt her. She goes on to spend 15 years of her life as an assassin for the League of Shadows. In that time she becomes a drug addict, there are points in her life where she wants to stop working for the League but they're the ones who give her the drugs she wants/needs (and the only thing she has to do to get them is follow their orders). When she's 21, she's sent to kill a Prime Minister's daughter to create chaos between countries. Yvaine and Yin arrive and slow her down but don't prevent her from getting to the Prime Minister's daughter (which is their plan). In the moment right when she's about to shoot the little girl (who's 6), Yvaine comes up behind her and creates a powerful flash of starlight that causes Rini to stop for a moment in confusion and give her a chance to really see the fear in the little girl's eyes. Seeing that unlocked her own memories of how scared she was 15 years ago when she was 6 and a builing was burning and going down around her and how she was saved by a hero, not hurt by one. She stops, drops her katana and falls to her knees completely confused and hurt by the fact that everything she knew of her life was built around a lie and how she'd been manipulated for so long. The Justice League and authorities arrive and attempt to arrest her but Yin steps in and refuses to allow them to take her. Yin, being an entity of order and balance on earth, had more authority then any of them, but they still tried to take Rini. Yvaine stepped in as well (being a star angel, most people are inclined to do the right thing/make good choices around her) and if she steps in, everyone knows it's best to follow her judgement, they know it's the right thing if Yvaine believes it's the right thing. Yin takes Rini to a secret hideout in the Himalaya's where Yin's Order resides. There she begins to help Rini back to the real world and heal her, physically and mentally (with the help of Yvaine and Minola: Once a week Yvaine helps Rini for 4 hours with her drug addiction: 1. Yvaine's presence will help clear Rini's judgement and 2. Yvaine's powers allow her to perform a special kind ot rehab/therapy on Rini's body where she can slowly remove all the toxins in her body and help her overcome addiction. Minola acted as a therapist for Rini, she helped her deal with all the horrors she had seen and crimes she had committed and how she can make up for those things by doing good. Yin provided a safe enviornment for Rini to change and experiment, she also looked over Rini to make sure she was making proper progress. After 13 months, Yvaine had cleared out all evidence of any drug abuse out of Rini's body, after 14 months Minola had done everything she could to heal Rini mentally, after 16 months, Yin believed Rini was ready to make a public appearance and build a new reputation. The Justice League and the world was nervous to see her back, the League didn't trust her because of her past and she'd always been known worldwide for her horrible crimes and actions but Yvaine, Yin and Minola (3 of the world's most wise people with the most trusted judgement) defended her. Khiri and Yang also supported/defened Rini's return. Most people were still nervous but they knew they could trust her if so many of the world's heroes (and 3 of them being heroes whose existance was dedicated to maintaining balance) did (and she was also a member of Yin's Order and the Order was highly trusted). (Here's her in her new costume after rehabilitation: (Top right) Character Dump 5
Okay wowee didn't mean to get so intense there but meh it was bound to happen eventually xD  
Zoë. You've DEFINITELY NEVER seen her before xD This was actually the first time I sketched, outlined and colored her xD (before this it was mostly just sketches shaded with pencil xD). She's a LOST OC :3 She was one of the survivors of 815 (but eventually died on the island). She's a talented photographer from Australia (but was born in New Zealand). She was moving to LA to get away from certain peple in Sydney. (Like all characters in LOST, she had a dramatic past xD). Before she was able to make a living off of being a photographer she was a waitress at a diner, she worked the night shift on weekdays. One night, around 11:30 (right before closing time), a woman came in, ordered a coffee then was out the door. Less then a minute after the woman left, Zoë heard a gunshot. She went into the kitchen and peaked out a small window, the woman had been beaten and shot in the alley right outside the diner, she saw the men who did it but they didn't see her. Within a few minutes the police arrived but the people who'd shot the woman were gone (Note: Zoë was NOT the one who called the cops). A few weeks later she was called as a witness for the trial (apparently the police had caught some of the men who committed the crime). The day before the trial, she was on her way home from the diner when a man came up to her and told her if she tells the truth in court, they'd hurt her and her family (Zoë has 3 little sisters, a little brother an older sister and 2 older brothers). Fearing for her life, she did as she was told, when the men stood up in court, she said she didn't recognize them and they weren't the perpetrators. She didn't want to lie but she didn't want to get hurt either. A short while after the trial, she went to see the judge and confessed, he was disappointed that she'd lied in court (he said she should have told the truth and said she was being blackmailed), she could have been thrown into jail for lying but he knew she was scared and the case was still open so it didn't matter all that much, he still knew what he needed to know to make his final decision. All the men were sentenced to prison for life (and Zoë's name was not mentioned in the file). She thought that was the end of it, she'd done the right thing, the men were in prison and they didn't know it was because of her, she thought she was safe but there were more people working with the perpetrators and they'd been following her. One day several months later she received a letter with no return address that contained a blank sheet of paper, in the following days she received several more. Nervous about what it meant she reported it to the police, the police knew was a reason as for people to be after her so from that day forward there was a police officer right outside of her building and a camera was installed right outside her apartment door. She received a total of 18 letters with blank papers in them before they stopped (also, by then she wasn't working as a waitress anymore, she became a full time photographer and she was very popular in Sydney). 18 days after the last letter she got a knock on her door, when she opened it the man standing there immediately pushed her to the ground and began to strangle her. Fortunately, the officer outside her building saw the footage on the camera and rushed to her aid right before she lost consciousness. The man (and a couple others connected to him) was arrested. The police talked to Zoë about more security measures and how they could protect her more but she was scared and turned down all their offers. She decided to move to America where she might not be any more safe but she'd at least feel better getting away from Sydney and all the things she'd seen happen there. The police organized her move (and made sure everything was off the books so no one would know where she went for at least a short amount of time). The move was difficult on her (she was leaving behind her 7 brothers and sisters, parents and all her friends and none of them could know about her move, the only person outside of the police who knew was her oldest brother) and she wasn't really sure if it would change anything but right when she stepped onto the plane she knew she was going somewhere safer. When the plane crashed, she was scared but secretly happy that she was somewhere she couldn't be found, she knew that she was safe from the outside world there. On the island she developed a major crush on Boone but she ignored it, she didn't think about it. The feeling was sort of mutual (but Boone's a complicated character and I'm not gonna get into that DxD). In one of Desmond's visions of Charlie dying, a branch fell and crushed Charlie. It made Desmond nervous for a while but then it went away, he stopped seeing it and he thought Charlie would be safe. His vision still came true, but it wasn't Charlie, it was Zoë. One day the 3 of them go on a hike and on the way back to the beach, Zoë see's a large branch about to fall on Charlie, she runs forward and pushes him to safety but the branch lands on her. Off the large branch there were several small branches and one of them goes straight through her from her lower back out her stomach. No one's really certain what her last words are cause she was coughing up blood and no one could understand what she was saying but most people heard "Boone, I'll see you soon." She dies at the end of season 3 (before Charlie died, of course). Random fun fact: The golf clubs Hurley found are hers xD Her dad was a professional golf player so Zoë and all her siblings were taught to play xD 
AHHHH I'M GOING CRAZY HERE LKASHDLKAHSDKL SO MUCH TEXT And tbh I think there's gonna be more still DxD 
Quintana. You've seen her before >u< Her design hasn't changed (well, her hair is different here but this is more her when she's younger (more like 16ish) her "normal"/current hairstyle is the one I drew on her in her original design (and this is more when she's more 18+: Quintana Alaire Design Sketches). Her design is th same BUT her story is VERY different. Originally I made her to be human but I've changed that (And no I haven't settled on a name for her race yet DxD). She was born and raised on a planet (that isn't earth xD). She also has an older sister (who's 4 years older than her to be exact). About a year before she was born, a powermad maniac murdered the queen and the king and took control, most people follow him not because they liked him but because they were afraid of him but some rebelled. Quintana's parents were captain's of the royal guard and loyal to the crown so they helped the princess to escape and created the rebellion. 14 years later (when Quintana's 13), the rebellion's getting weaker and weaker and they were all very close to being caught so to protect Quintana they wiped her memory and sent her away (hoping that one day she'd return strong and help), to protect the rebellion, they turned themselves in to distract the regime long enough for all the members of the rebellion to get away and create a new base somewhere safe. Quintana crashed on earth and spent 3 years of her life there, since her memory had been wiped she didn't know where she was from or how she'd gotten to earth, all she could remember was her name and that she wasn't a native of the planet she was on. She spent most of her time wandering (Yin's Order kept an eye on her and made sure she was always safe, Yin knew where this girl was from and that one day she'd have to return and help her people). When Quintana turned 18, Minola invited her to join JL Space (oh yes, Minola's on JL Space :3). Quintana became the 7th member of JL Space. She traveled the galaxy with JL Space and helped them in their deeds but she as constantly bothered by something, she couldn't explain it but she had a feeling in the back of her head. Minola (who has many psychic abilities, one of them being to look deep into peoples memories and help them remember things they'd forgotten) unlocked her memories. Quintana requests JL Space go help her family and save her people from the Regime. When they arrive Yvaine, Minola and Quintana (YES! Yvaine c; ) meet with the leader of the rebellion, at first she's focused on Yvaine and Minola and what they're saying and then she see's a mass of reddish blonde, curly hair and immediately recognizes Quintana. It was Quintana's older sister, Sephora. When their parents turned themselves in they left Sephora in charge of the rebellion. Sephora managed to get all the rebels out of the city in time and brought them to safety. The rebellion stayed quiet and laid low for a couple of years before they attacked the regime again at full strength. Since then the rebellion managed to gain some ground and had many victories but they still weren't enough to defeat the regime. With the help of JL Space they take down the regime and put the princess back on the throne. 
There's more to say but I'm just gonna cut it off here cause 1. I'm too lazy to write anymore and 2. I doubt anyone's reading this xp If you are reading this leave a comment saying banana xD
Wellington. You've met her before >u< No real difference in design but her story is very different, she's still a fashion designer/hair stylist but she isn't human xD I'm not really too sure of what her new story will be like I only recently decided to not make her human xD All I know is she's best friends with Quintana lol 

O. M. G. I did not mean to write that much DxD 
Whatever lol 

But yeah, lot of text, I don't care if none of you read it I really wouldn't have either so yay \o/ 

Hope you at least like the picture xD 

Zaira, Alexa Blake/White Tigress, Rini Takamura/Black Dragon, Zoë Thorburn, Quintana and Wellington Winters © MEH LEGENDARY xD  


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Cheap Bobble Chibi and Chibi Head Commissions Open! New Commission Styles! 10-40 points!Bobble Chibi's and Chibi Head's!
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Bobble Chibi's have two options:
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TIME: Approximately 2 weeks, less (Sorry if that's too long, I'



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Hey guys, it's been a while, I just wanted to give you all some update on how I'm doing and what I've been up to lately. 

1. If you read my journal entry (two entries ago, I think?) you'll know I haven't been feeling too well mentally and things just haven't been easy lately. Things are getting kinda difficult but I'm still alive and that's all that matters. 

2. I'm drowning in schoolwork. The only time I have to come up for air is on the weekends and during meals on school nights. 
It sucks. 
But it's only gonna get worse from here...
Yay... :|

Just a quick little update on how things have been lately. 

Hope you've all been well :heart: 

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Samasaurus Rex
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A little more about me...
-I have 1 older sister
-I love to draw; especially Chibi's :meow:
-I have so many OC's that I can't remember them...
-I don't have any pets (Well, do stuffed animals count? xD)
-My favorite animal is a penguin :D
-My favorite colors are light green and light turquoise blue :)
-I spazz out hysterically a lot
-My favorite Art Supplies/Art/Art Whatever company is Faber Castell
-I'm a Martian from Pluto (lolwhut)
-I've always wanted to visit New Zealand
-I'm a fangirl of so many things (*ahem* Percy Jackson, Avatar the Last Airbender, Code Lyoko, Dragonball, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, Teen Titans, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, DC Comics, Legend of Korra, Young Justice, Sailor Moon, Team StarKid, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Code Lyoko Evolution, Savvy, Vocaloid, The Hobbit *ahem* no big deal, lol)
Twitter: @penguincoco11
Instagram: penguincoco

Favorite Anime Character(s): Tahno, Asami, Bolin, Chief Bei Fong, Lita/Sailor Jupiter/Makoto
Favorite Vocaloid(s): Kagamine Rin and Len, Kamui Gakupo, KAITO
Favorite Cartoon Character(s): Nightwing, Jinx, Batman, Razer the Red Lantern, Aya, Zatanna
Favorite Book or Movie Characters: Gred and Forge, Severus Snape, Leo Valdez

OTPs: Severus x Lily (Sily? xD), Barney x Robin (SWARKLES :D), Blue Beetle x Impulse (BluePulse), Razer x Aya (Razaya)

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Will Farrell

Favorite StarKids: Lauren Lopez, Brian Holden, Joe Walker

Current Residence: Pigfarts
Favourite genre of music: UM... POTATO. Did I get an A? loljk Does Vocaloid count as a genre? xD
Favourite style of art: Chibi :D
Personal Quote: "If you can't fix it with duct tape, screw it, it's broke"

YAY! Deviants I know in real life: :iconblaqbee::iconindigo-sparks-fly::iconvabvibe::iconhonolulu-blue::iconmrsupermuffinman::icontotocrokka::iconnomolos-gnaw::icontip-of-the-top-hat:



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