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Justice League Space by penguincoco
Justice League Space



Okay so JL Space was something that came into my head like, a year ago (maybe a little more but somewhere around a year xD) and I never got around to drawing them all together... (I drew Yvaine, Minola and Miradi together (cause they're the founders xD) but then I was like "WELP MIGHT AS WELL DRAW THEM ALL >: D ... so I did xD) 
I hate saying "drawing them all together" cause I'm still gonna be expanding the team a bit in the future but this is what the "set roster" is at this moment (but in the end, the team won't get very big; it won't get bigger than 10 members so this is the majority of the league anyways DxD).

So yeah, I decided to just draw all 7 of the (current) members of JL Space and give them little bios : D (okay more like huge bios but lets be honest no one's gonna read all of them :/)  

From left to right (using their NAMES, NOT aliases):
Yvaine, Minola, Miradi, Zamalya, Gypsy, Satyana, Quintana 

I did my best to draw them according to height and I actually think it worked out really well xD (except one thing: If people appear taller than they should be, it's because they're wearing heels (example: Gypsy's 5 feet 6.5 inches and Satyana's 5 feet 8 inches and it's pretty obvious that in my drawing that they're less than an inch and a half apart in height. That's because Gypsy wears high heels and Satyana doesn't. Yeah, that's about it DxD) 
Here's a list of all their heights ;u; 
Yvaine: 5 feet 7 inches
Minola: 5 feet 4 inches
Miradi: 5 feet 8 inches
Zamalya: 5 feet 9 inches 
Gypsy: 5 feet 6.5 inches 
Satyana: 5 feet 8 inches
Quintana: 5 feet 5 inches 

Here are their designations within Justice League Space c:  
S01. Yvaine/Star Angel **League Founder**
S02. Minola/White Dove **League Founder**
S03. Miradi Carlyle/Green Lantern **League Founder**
S04. Zamalya Sol/Hawkwing
S05. Gypsy/Star Sapphire
S06. Satyana/Green Lantern
S07. Quintana Alaire

Full name: Yvaine 
Alias: Star Angel 
Height: 5 feet 7 inches 
Weight: 135 pounds 
Race: Star Angel
Abilities: Super strength, flight, star blasts, levitation, Supreme Queen (tap into her abilities as the Supreme Queen of Star Angels; enhances all her abilities and gives her a dominating presence), doesn't necessarily have to eat to live; can intake any form of light energy and use it to sustain her), lungs can convert any gas into oxygen, Star Travel (a Star Angel turns into a beam of star energy and travels faster than light), being around her will cause people to want to do good things, skilled fighter 
Weapons: Battle Princess Star Staff, knife made from star energy (can extend into a sword). Yvaine's armor is made from a metal found on her planet called Elendiel; it's indestrucible by anything on earth). The non metal parts of her armor are made from Anthelion; a strong fabric laced with Elendiel.
Personality: Calm, thoughtful, tactical, clever, commanding, responsible, realistic
    Yvaine was born in a galaxy known to humans as the Omega Galaxy (the Queen's Galaxy in her language). There were five planets in her entire galaxy and each planet was inhabited by a different race. The five races were the Star Angels, the Crystal Elves, the Dragon Nymphs, the Fire Witches and the Night Spirits (Here's a drawing I did a whileo with one representative from each race: 5 Planets Full Version). Their entire galaxy was thousands of years ahead of the earth in technology, society, etc... 
    In Star Angel culture, there are always eight princes/princesses (and queens/kings) and each prince/princess (and king/queen) represents something their race values/needs for survival: balance, wisdom, justice, medicine, education, art/music, beauty/love and battle. Each prince/princess has a staff that gives them extra power and if the power of all eight staffs is combined, they could obliterate as much as a whole planet. Yvaine and her 7 sisters (The Star Angel Princesses) were the current generation of princesses when their galaxy met their doom. Yvaine's 7 sister's were already queens and only their mother (who also represented battle) was still alive and that prevented Yvaine from becoming a queen as well. 
    One day, a great menace showed up. Sensing that the thing that showed up wouldn't be easy to beat, Yvaine's mother passed on and gave her the full power of a queen. The Star Angel princesses (well, queens) combined the power of their staffs to take it down but it wasn't enough. The monster shot back and killed 5 of the 8 princesses (queens). The 3 that narrowly escaped were Yvaine, Minwa and Saphesse, all thanks to Yvaine; Yvaine used the last of her energy to pull herself and two of her sisters out of the way. Since the last of her energy was spent, she passed out. As a last act to protect her, Minwa and Saphesse sent Yvaine to hide on their moon. When she was brought to the moon, all the energy of her ancestors (living energy) gathered around Yvaine to protect her and prevent her from being sensed by the monster. (Minwa and Saphesse were eventually killed as well). Yvaine woke up hours later and felt all the dead energy surrounding her. She hadn't seen what happened but she knew right away that every Star Angel except for her was dead. She left the moon and flew back down to her planet. There she found the ruins of her civilization (there were no bodies though; when a Star Angel dies, their body disintegrates and their living energy flows into the atmosphere of her planet). She wandered aimlessly for a while completely heartbroken by the loss. When she went to the palace and went into her room, her mother appeared to her. Her mother told her that she didn't have much time to talk, this was the last of her living energy that was left and once she disappeared, Yvaine would never see her again. Yvaine's mother told her that she had to go to the next planet (the Crystal Planet) and warn them of what was to come. 
    Following her mother's orders, she Star Traveled to the Crystal Planet and warned the Crystal Elves of the monster that was on its way. While she was in a meeting with the Queen of the Crystal Elves, Yvaine began to glow and feel a burning from within her. She got scared and thought she was dying but the Crystal Queen told her to wait a few seconds and see what was happening. After a short moment the burning sensation died and she stopped glowing. Yvaine looked down at herself and saw her royal gown and felt impowered somehow. The Crystal Queen told her that it was because she was the last of her race. She was the Supreme Queen (a status that no Star Angel had ever achieved since the first Star, and something that no Star Angel ever hoped to achieve because if they achieved it that would mean their entire race had been wiped out). Being Supreme Queen gave her a new demeanor; people would feel intimidated just standing next to her. She also unlocked a few new abilities. All of her abilities are also enhanced when she takes her royal form (dress and crown). After that was settled, the Crystal Queen and Yvaine continued to discuss what was coming. The Crystal Queen (Crystal Elves, being the wisest in the galaxy) concluded that even with the help of a Supreme Queen (her logic being that if the Star Angels couldn't defeat it, the Crystal Elves would stand no chance (Star Angels were the best warriors in their galaxy) and since the combined blast of all 8 star staffs didn't even scratch the monster, a Supreme Queen wouldn't do much good against it either (especially since Yvaine was only recently made a Supreme Queen; the power hadn't settled into her body yet and was slightly unpredictable). The Crystal Queen told her to leave the planet and find somewhere safe (since Yvaine has the ability to Star Travel, it would be easier for her to leave quickly and quietly). Yvaine desperately wanted to stay but the Queen told her that they had no chance of winning and as her duty being the last Star Angel, she had to stay safe, not just for the sake of the Star Angels but for all those in their galaxy (the Queen feared that the whole galaxy was doomed). 
    Obeying the Crystal Queen's orders, Yvaine left the planet. Without any particular destination in mind, she used her entire will to use her Star Travel to blast her as far from the Crystal Planet as possible. 
    Not too long after, Yvaine crashed on the Earth where she was met by Minola. Minola read her and didn't see any evil within her so she decided to trust Yvaine. Yvaine, after landing on the Earth, decided to lock away her power as the Supreme Queen (meaning she couldn't access the power and would no longer be able to transform into her royal form as long as her power was locked away); it frightened and saddened her (having so much power was nothing but a reminder of how and why she got it). For the next few years, Yvaine worked her way into the human world and made a reputation as a hero and the angel that she is (all that time she didn't reveal who she really was or what had happened to her to anyone).  
    Years later, the monster who destroyed her galaxy tracked Yvaine to the Earth and went to find and destroy her. Throughout their battle, the monster seemed to be gaining the upperhand on Yvaine and it looked like he would win. She got very weak and he was goin to use one final blast to kill her. Yvaine was able to protect herself and the blast was so strong it caused her body to go into "emergency mode" and unlocked her power as the Supreme Queen again. Having had years to settle and get accquianted to her body, Yvaine had full control and maximum strength of being a Supreme Queen. She used her staff to blast the monster to pieces. In doing so she also revealed her true form and full power. 
    A few short years later, Yvaine came to a point where she thought of all the apocolypses/potential apocolypses the Earth had faced and the horrors her galaxy had faced. She realized that the Earth and her galaxy weren't the only places to have faced and that would face dangers like that so she created Justice League Space. An elite team that would patrol the universe and stop injustice. The team would be made up of several different races and types of people/creatures. 

Full name: Minola
Alias: White Dove 
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 122
Race: Denarian 
Abilities: Telepathy, mind reading, mental healing, flight, levitation, forcefields, natural born peacekeeper, being around her will keep people honest and calm 
Weapons: N/A
Personality: Quiet, kind, caring, passionate, thoughtful, good listener, responsible, understanding 
    Minola was the second of three princesses on her planet Denar. 
    When she was the human equivalent of 21, her planet was infested by parasites that fed off of their energy and killed them. Being a naturally peaceful race, the Denarians didn't try to fight back; they only tried to find a way to make peace with the parasites. When it became clear that peace couldn't be achieved, they decided to start leaving the planet. Several hundreds of pods were sent out, all containing Denarians in them. But the parasites were too fast and caught the majority of the pods before they left the planet's orbit. The pods that managed to escape were eventually destroyed in one way or another... except for her's. She crash landed on the planet Earth. 

Full name: Miradi Carlyle
Alias: Green Lantern
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 149 pounds
Race: Human
Abilities: Create constructs with her Power Ring
Weapons: Green Lantern Power Ring 
Personality: Kind, positive, optimistic, strong, smart, understanding, loyal, unyielding
    Miradi Carlyle was born in Manhattan, New York to Scott and Scarlett Carlyle. There isn't much of her life to talk about when she wasn't a Green Lanter. When she was 16, a Power Ring came to her. When she was 18, she was promoted to Green Lanter Honor Guard. She's responsible for training several well known Green Lanterns. 
    Miradi Carlyle's life is a simple one, unlike most other JL Space members, she hasn't suffered any major traumas or disasters in her personal life. 

Full name: Zamalya Sol
Alias: Hawkwing
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 151 pounds 
Race: Thanagarian 
Abilities: Flight, super strength, skilled fighter
Weapons: Mace 
Personality: Wry, loyal, obedient, smart, thoughtful, clever
    On Thanagar, Zamalya Sol was a well known and highly respected general. She was loyal and obedient to her commanders and carried out their orders without question. However, the time eventually came when Zamalya saw their plans coming true and their intentions of destroying other worlds to better Thanagar. She betrayed her commanders and her people to save the planets and people that they had been planning to destroy. 
    As a traitor, she was stripped of her rank, power and banished from Thanagar. She wandered the galaxy for a short while before stumbling upon the Earth and Hawkgirl and Hawkman. There she stayed with them for a few short years and eventually became the first person to join Justice League Space. 

Full name: Gypsy
Alias: Star Sapphire 
Height: 5 feet 6.5 inches
Weight: 133 pounds 
Race: Koronian 
Abilities: Create constructs with her Power Ring
Weapons: Star Sapphire Power Ring 
Personality: Pessimistic, realistic, reserved, moody, obedient, loyal
    Gypsy was born as Ghi'el on a planet called Kor'on. On Kor'on, gypsies are very special people: they're people born with special talents (music, art, storytelling, etc...) and travel around living off the land/kindness of others and don't manipulate their talents to claim money or fame. Ghi'el was a partially a gypsy: she's a naturally talented storyteller but she didn't wander. 
    She wasn't born into royalty; there was a prince who (in order to become king (his family wasn't the original royal family though, they had taken power away from the true rulers 2 generations ago, the true rulers went into hiding) needed to marry and he chose her (she was smart and obedient; he didn't want to marry someone who wouldn't stand up to him but he didn't want to marry a complete idiot either). The marriage was arranged and she didn't want to marry him (she'd already found her true love, his name was Ba'ul) but she did to keep her family and lover safe (if she'd rejected his request for her hand in marriage, he would undoubtly murder Ba'ul and her family). A maid in the palace knew what it was like to be forced to do something you didn't want to do (she had an arranged marriage elsewhere but she didn't want to marry the man so she ran away) so she helped arrange secret meetings between Ghi'el and Ba'ul. As time went on the prince (well, now the king) suspected Ghi'el was up to something so he tortured and interrogated every one of Ghi'el's personal servants and eventually got the maid who was arranging their meetings (and killed her after her got the truth out of her). However, the maid was also a gypsy as well: She had the talent to perform small amounts of magic and she whispered a good luck/protection charm before she was murdered). The king had a few of his guards follow Ghi'el to her next meeting with Ba'ul, he told them to do whatever they wanted with her, he was already king and didn't need her anymore. The guards caught Ghi'el and Ba'ul, knowing their king wanted both of them dead, they killed Ba'ul and took advantage of then killed Ghi'el. They thought they killed her but thanks to the maid's protection charm, she survived, she passed into a coma for a short while. She woke up some time later and was heartbroken and enraged by how brutally murdered Ba'ul was (his face was do disfigured that she couldn't even recognize him). That's when the Star Sapphire ring came to her, it told her she has lost her true love by the cruelness of others and now she had the chance to 1. get revenge on the people who had done this to her true love and 2. Defend love and prevent something like this from happening to anyone else. She accepted the ring and went back to the palace. The king was completely surprised by her arrival (as were his guards). She murdered the king and put the true ruling family back on the throne. The queen was grateful of course her but ancient law stated that anybody who commits a treasonous act (such as murdering a person of royalty, whether they came to be of royal status through being born into royal blood or force) had to be banished. Ghi'el didn't care though, she had nothing left on the planet for her; she'd lost her true love and her family (which had been murdered by the king). She went to Zamaron but left shortly after her arrival and began wandering the galaxy. She eventually ran into Justice League Space. She was tired and had nowhere to go and JL Space gladly accepted her. When the asked her name she hesitated and said Ghi'el. She was told that it meant Gypsy in English. She no longer had any care for the name "Ghi'el" (it was a reminder of the place she came from and the heartbreak she suffered there) so she changed her name to Gypsy and adopted the alias Star Sapphire. She became the second member to join Justice League Space (the 5th member overall). 

Full name: Satyana
Alias: Green Lantern
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 147 pounds 
Race: Shiran
Abilities: Create constructs with her Power Ring
Weapons: Green Lantern Power Ring 
Personality: Strong, stubborn, unyielding, bold, loyal, obedient 
    When Satyana was 4, her planet Shira was dominated by conquerors. Her mother was killed in the conquest and her father had left her and her mother when she was born. Satyana would have been killed as well but she had a protector that day. A man swooped into the chaos, grabbed her and brought her somewhere safe. Her entire race was turned into slaves for the conquerors. 
    The man who had saved her (who was her father's brother) protected and took care of her. They lived deep in the woods away from any city or large location. Both were safe until Satyana was 7. The conquerors found their hideout, captured them and sold them both into slavery. Satyana never saw that man again (and she would never discover that he was her father's brother until later on). 
    Satyana lived as a slave for the next 17 years until one day, she saw an old man collapse to the ground. The old man was whipped and screamed at to get up. Unable to watch the old man in pain, she ran in and stepped in the way of the whip. There she was whipped until she crippled. She was on the verge of giving up when all 17 years of pain and slavery and the face of her protector came flooding back to her and she stood up to the man who was whipping her. He flung the whip one more time and she caught it around her wrist. She pulled him forward and caused him to fall face first into the mud. That's when the Power Ring chose her. Seeing what she had become and what power she had, her people rallied around her and created an uprising against the conquerors. The conquerors fled the planet in fear and Satyana's people were free. 
    After a few years, Satyana was promoted to Green Lantern Honor Guard and became the third person to join Justice League Space (the 6th member in total). 
    ***NOTE: Satyana was trained by Miradi and looks up to her.***

Full name: Quintana Alaire 
Alias: N/A
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 120 pounds 
Race: Levanoran 
Abilities: Forcefields, energy blasts, flight
Weapons: N/A 
Personality: Very shy, quiet, soft spoken, sweet, kinda, thoughtful, understanding, kind, caring
    Quintana was born on the planet Levanor. A year before she was born, a powerman maniac murdered the King and Queen and took control. Most people followed him not becaused they liked him but because they were afraid of him. However, some rebelled. Quintana's parents were captain's of the royal guard and were loyal to the crown so they helped the princes escape and create a rebellion. 14 years passed (Quintana was 13) and the rebellion was getting weaker and weaker and was on the verge of falling apart. As an act to protect Quintana and the rebellion, her parents wiped her memory and sent her away hoping that one day she would return strong and ready to help. The Regime went after her parents shortly after Quintana was sent away. Quintana's parents went along with the Regime's plan to capture them and turned themseves in as a distraction so the rest of the rebellion would be able to get out of the capital and create a new base somewhere safe.
    Quintana crashed on eart and spent 5 years on the Earth. Since her memory had been wiped, she wasn't sure where she was or who she was. All she knew was that her name is Quintana and that she wasn't from the Earth. Unsure of what to do or where to go, she began to wander and spent most of her time wandering (Yin's Order kept an eye on her through her wanderings. Yin knew that this girl was from another planet and had a duty to sace her people). When Quintana turned 18, Yvaine invited her to join Justice League Space. Quintana became the 4th person to join the team (7th member overall). She traveled the galaxy with the Justice League Space and helped them in their deeds of good but she was constantly bothered by something. She couldn't explain it but she always had this bad feeling in the back of her head. Quintana told Minola and Minola used her psychic abilites to probe Quintana's mind and unlock her memories. Having seen what was in her past as well, Minola said it would be a good idea if they visited Levanor. 
    When the Justice League Space arrives at the planet, Yvaine, Minola and Quintana meet with the leader of the rebellion; a dark haired girl named Sephora. Sephora's initally focused on discussing the situation with Yvaine and Minola when her gaze drifts to a mass of sandy blonde, curly hair and immediately recognizes Quintana. It was Quintana's older sister, Sephora. When their parents turned themselves in, they left Sephora (who was 19 at the time) in charge of the rebellion. Sephora had managed to get all of the rebels out of the city in time and brought them to safety. The rebellion stayed quiet and laid low for a couple of years waiting for the right time to attack. Sephora took the arrival of the Justice League Space as her good luck sign and that it was time to attack and reclaim the throne for the true royal family. With the help of JL Space, the rebellion was able to take down the regime and put the princess back on the throne. 

Okay that was a lot of text but I will say one thing: I did cheat a bit LOL 
Also, if you're actually reading this/have read the whole thing, leave a comment saying ducks xD
I found some old bios that I already wrote for some of these characters and copy and pasted them in LOL (I read over all of them and made chanes as I felt necessary but I copy and pasted the bases from somewhere else for at least like, three of the characters lol DxD).
And I got plain lazy with some of them too, it's obvious xD I mean, there are some that just require less detail and major action in my opinion DxD Idk though.
What do I know.
I'm kinda crazy \o/

Yvaine/Star Angel, Minola/White Dove, Miradi Carlyle/Green Lantern, Zamalya Sol/Hawkwing, Gypsy(Ghi'el)/Star Sapphire, Satyana/Green Lantern and Quintana Alaire © MEH LEGENDARY xD  </s>
Yin's Order by penguincoco
Yin's Order
It's been so long ;u; 

I had the idea for the order more than TWO YEARS AGO ;o; I sketched and scanned my first lineup of them on August 16th, 2013 but never finished writing a description and never uploaded it. I recently decided to draw the full lineup and FINALLY put down all their details into REAL WORDS xD (not just little words floating around my head DxD) 

I did my best to draw them in proper relation to each other based on size and height :)
Here are their heights : ) 
Yin: 5 feet 5 inches
Ayaka: 5 feet 7 inches
Saki: 5 feet 4.5 inches
Akemi: 5 feet 5 inches
Rini: 5 feet 7 inches

The genreal idea of the Order is to protect the people of earth and maintain balance. Yin and her brother Yang are tasked with that job (Yin and Yang's pure existence already keeps the world from falling into complete disarray) but the other members of Yin's Order (And I might create a Yang's Order? Hmmm... Just a thought c: ) enforce what Yin and Yang do to maintain balance. 

Yin's Order is a group of Japanese females who keep balance in the world and in a way, each one of them represents something that Yin and Yang believe in. NOTE: They're not all born with immortality (only Yin was), they were all chosen as guardians (by Yin) and then granted immortality. This lineup is in the order that they gained their immortality and joined the Order but it's not necessarily by age.
Development of the order began when thought of Yin and Ayaka working together. I moved Ayaka (an old OC) from her story into Yin's in the DC Universe (Sorta the DC Universe; they're my OCs so they're not actually a part of it :c But there OCs that belong in the DC Universe lol But their stories could operate completely separate from DC too DxD). Two or so weeks after that I started designing Satsuki (Saki) and Akemi as the third and fourth editions of the team (second and third if you don't count Yin). After that I was sort of lost on who the fifth member should be and what they should be like seeing how I'd already designed some sort of Geisha like female (Yin), a Geisha (Ayaka) and two Wolves (Saki and Akemi) so I gave up for a while. After my trip to Japan in 2013 I was inspired all over again (sorta), okay maybe I wasn't DxD But I did start hammering out ideas for her design again : D (I got some small inspiration from my cousin ;u; ). Rini's name was originally meant to be Saotome, but then she was like, "I think the name should be something more... short and sweet kinda thing ya know?" so I came up with Rini xD (I can't lie; I was inspired by Sailor Moon.... LOL DxD). It took my a while but I finally settled on a name and design that I was happy with c: 

Yin's Order has been a slow and steady development, even now, Almost two years after I came up with the idea of Yin's Order, it's still not done. This is all I have so far c: 

***Important: None of these girl's have ages listed because it's unclear when they were born and unclear when they joined Yin's Order. However,i t's safe to assume that all BUT Rini joined the order before the 1900s (joining the Order gives them immortality)*** 

Little bios for them all:
(From left to right)
Full Name: Yin
Alias: Yin
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Abilities: Turn invisible, phase through things, fast runner, shapeshifting/transformation, highly skilled with any weapon, highly skilled fighter
Weapons: Sais
Personality: Quiet, calm, caring (though she doesn't always show it), reserved, thoughtful, reasonable 
    Yin is the founder of Yin's Order. She and her twin brother, Yang, are the second Yin and Yang to exist (the first Yin and Yang both decided it was time to move on so they passed and were reborn as the next Yin and Yang). The current Yin and Yang have been around for longer than anyone and history can remember. 
    The idea for the order wasn't something she was born with. She and Yang had protected and maintained balance in the world for a long time on their own. But one day, word reached her about a generous girl named Ayaka. Wanting to test her generosity and see it for herself, Yin disguised herself as a small, abandoned child. Ayaka lived up to her reputation: she gave Yin food and a a blanket. Yin left the village and thought about what she'd seen from Ayaka that day. She thought to herself "the world is full of horrible happenings and people. But in it are small beacons of light, people like Ayaka...", it was in that moment that she decided she would gather good people that she deemed worthy and begin an Order that would protect and better the world. Yin returned to the village disguised as the child and waited in the same spot for Ayaka. When Ayaka passed by, Yin ran away. Ayaka followed her into the woods and Yin revealed her true form and told Ayaka who she really was. She invited Ayaka to join and Ayaka accepted thus beginning Yin's Order.
***And yes, the current Yin and Yang are Japanese (they were born in Japan to Japanese parents) but the first Yin and first Yang originated from China.*** 

Full Name: Ayaka Satsuna
Alias: Geisha
Represents: Kindness
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Abilities: Fast runner, skilled fighter, skilled with fans
Weapons: Fans (tessen) 
Personality: Calm, mature, responsible, kind, polite, thoughtful, reasonable, good listener 
    Ayaka Satsuna was born into a quiet family living in a quiet village in northern Japan. Her mother died in childbirth and her father died from a broken heart not too long after. She spent her childhood under other peoples care. She lived in poverty and never had much to call her own. Despite her poor conditions, she still always managed to give to others; she would make clothes out of old fabric for children, feed hungry children, told stories and comforted the little children who had also lost their parents. By the time she was 17, she was well known for taking care of the less fortunate. 
    One day, while walking through the streets, Ayaka saw a small, abandoned girl shivering and afraid. She stopped, told the child everything would be okay and gave her food and her own blanket. The next day, Ayaka was walking the same path and saw the same girl, but she looked better; less afraid and healthier. The girl told her to follow her so Ayaka did. The little girl led her into the woods and eventually began to glow. Ayaka was filled with fear and was about to run away when the glow started to die down and where the little girl was stood a dark haired woman. The woman introduced herself as Yin and said she was the living representation of Yin from Yin and Yang. Yin invited Ayaka to join her in making the world a better place. Excited by the idea that she could help more than just the hungry people in her village, Ayaka graciously accepted and became the first member of Yin's Order (aside from Yin herself). 

Full Name: Satsuki (Saki) Matsumoto
Alias: Wolfgirl
Represents: Positivity/Proactiveness 
Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches
Abilities: Wolf hearing, wolf sight, wolf speed, wolf smell, skilled fighter, skilled with sais
Weapons: Sais, small hand blades, sleeves (that can slice through anything when necessary)
Personality: Enthusiastic, outgoing, outspoken, thoughtful, clever, charming 
    Saki was born in a small village in Okinawa. She was born deformed, instead of having human ears, she had wolf ears. Her blue eyes also made many people in her village uneasy. Saki spent the majority of her first few years at home away from people so they wouldn't see her deformity and try to hurt her. When Saki was 4 years old, her parents and entire village burn down in a forest fire. Saki and her older sister Akemi barely escaped the fire alive. They wandered away from the village for a while and eventually came upon a cave and decided to hide there, not realizing it belonged to a wolf pack. The wolf pack came back soon (they'd be investigating the fire in the village) and found Saki and Akemi in their cave. The wolves saw Saki's wolf ears and sensed something wolf-like about Akemi as well. Instead of killing them, the wolves adopted the two. The wolves raised and trained Saki and Akemi to control their wolf abilities and use them to their advantages. After 15 years, Ginro (the leader of their pack), told them it was time for them to go out and help the world. Wolves were usually useless to help the world as people saw them and only saw them as animals but Akemi and Saki were half human and had the power to do some good. Leaving the pack initially was hard but the two sisters eventually made their way through and created change.
    Through all of her struggles (Being born with wolf ears, the burning down of her village, etc...) Saki managed to stay positive. It's that exact quality that caused Yin to be interested Saki. Yin spent months observing Saki's actions. She saw Saki's ability to lift peoples spirits and from there form a plan of action. Saki also had a clever and problem solving directed mind. Her different ways of thinking, positivity and proactivity led to Yin to invite her as the second member of Yin's Order. 

Full Name: Akemi Matsumoto
Alias: White Wolf
Represents: Protection 
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Abilities: Turn into a wolf
Weapons: Small throwing knives, sleeves (that can slice through anything when necessary)
Personality: Calm, responsible, thoughtful, reasonable
    Unlike her sister, Akemi wasn't born with any VISIBLE deformities (except for her blue eyes (they'd never seen blue eyes before) but the people eventually learned to live with it). She lived the life of a regular Japanese girl up until she was 7. Akemi was 7 when her village and parents died. She wandered with her sister Saki until they found the wolf cave. When the wolves first saw them, Akemi stood in front of her sister to try and protect her little sister from harm. The wolves didn't harm them initially mainly because they saw Saki's wolf ears but they soon sensed something wolf-like eminating from Akemi as well so the wolves didn't kill either of them. For the first few months, none of the wolves, not even the leader of the pack, Ginro, could figure out what the situation was Akemi was: She seemed like a wolf yet didn't look like one or possess the abilities of one. Because of that, they refused to teach her wolf skills. While Saki trained her skills, Akemi mostly passed the days idling. One day, while playing in a river, Akemi wanders too far downstream and gets swept away in a heavy current. The shock and fear of the moment caused her brain to tap into her abilities and she turned into a wolf. As a wolf, she was able to force her way to the riverbank and climb out. Finally understanding why she was wolf-like and seeing she was half wolf as well, they began training her along with Saki. 15 years later, Ginro tells Akemi and Saki to leave their pack and head into the world to create change. 
    Later on, Yin is drawn to Akemi for one reason: Her protective instincts. Yin discovers Akei shortly after she discovers Saki and decides to observe both of the wolf sisters (instead of just one). She repeatedly notices Akemi's ability to put herself in harms way to protect others. Her protective instincts lead Yin to invite Akemi to join Yin's Order shortly after Saki was inducted. 

Full Name: Rini Takamura
Alias: Rini
Represents: Second chances 
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Abilities: Highly skilled with any weapon
Weapons: Skilled with any weapons but primarily uses sais, fans (tessen), katanas 
Personality: Short tempered, stubborn, impatient, outspoken, intimidating 
    Rini is the fifth and final member of Yin's Order (counting Yin). Before joining Yin's Order, Rini was was a psychopathic killer (who wasn't entirely a psychopath, she demonstrated sanity just as often as she demonstrated insanity) that was taken in by the League of Shadows when she was 6 and trained as an assassin her entire life. There were many instances in which Rini wanted to leave the League but when she was 11 she developed a drug addiction and the League offered her the drugs she wanted in exchange for her service. By the time she was 17 she was near completely insane. When she was 18, the League of Shadows sent her out to kill a reporter who they feared had done too much investgating and knew too much. Rini, obeying orders, went after the reporter. The reporter was in the midst of covering a heroic save by Star Angel and the Yin and Yang when her cameraman is knocked out and the camera is destroyed. She turns and sees Rini with a gun pointed to her head. Just as Rini is about to pull the trigger, she looks into the eyes of the reporter and recognizes her; the reporter was a close friend of hers before she was taken away by the League of Shadows. Her sanity floods back to her and her pupils (which had slowly been shrinking as she became more insane) began to dilate. She remembers all the horrible, inhumane things she'd done int he past 17 years; all the families she had broken, the people she had killed in cold blood, the children she had robbed their parents of. Realizing what a monster she was, she tried to bring a gun to her head and attempted to kill herself when Yvaine appeared and used her power to influence Rini not to kill herself and tell her there's another way. Rini dropped the gun and broke down crying. Yvaine had managed to stop Rini from shooting herself but wasn't really sure what she was to do next. No one was willing to take or even go near her so Yin stepped up and agreed to take in and rehabilitate Rini.
    For the next year, Rini underwent special therapty and spent a lot of time around Yvaine (being half angel, Yvaine had the ability to make people wnat to do good things by just being around them). Yvaine used her powers to also clean Rini's body; she removed harmful toxins, slowly leaned her off her drug addiction and repaird her physical body. Minola helped in Rini's rehabilitation as well; Minola used her psychic powers to heal Rini's mind/restore her sanity and provide her therapy for all the things she'd done in her life. After the year had passed, Rini was ready to return to the world. She arrives in Metropolis where a dangerous hostage situation had just begun. She frees the hostages and then encounters Superman and Wonder Woman. Recognizing her (even in her new clothes), the two heroes are prepared to attack when Yvaine creates a wall between the two and Rini and explains the situation. Yin spends the next six months observing Rini from a distance and after the six months, offers her the fourth and final spot in Yin's Order. Rini accepts the inviation and joins the Order. 
***Also, explanation of Rini's tattoo: When she was 16, she got a black dragon tattooed on her lower, left abdomen. During her rehabilitation, Yvaine offered to remove it but Rini wanted to keep it as a reminder of who she used to be and who she didn't want to go back to being.*** 
***Also important: Rini is the only member of Yin's Order that wasn't born in Japan***

Now. Yin's Order is complete (well, ALL the characters are still undergoing small changes and development but their core stories and characteristics are established c: ).... Maybe a Yang's Order? xD Idk something about Yin's Order has a nicer ring to it BUT who knows, Yang's order might be coming at you... c; (in the same amount of time it took to design Yin's Order so like... Maybe 2017? lol DxD)  

Yin, Ayaka Satsuna/Geisha, Satsuki (Saki) Matsumoto/Wolfgirl, Akemi Matsumoto/White Wolf and Rini Takamura/Weapons Master © MEH LEGENDARY xD  
Starbucks and Tsums by penguincoco
Starbucks and Tsums
Mocha and tsums :aww: 
Three of my personal favorite tsums too xD 

I took this at a Starbucks in North Carolina while I was on vacation (yes, I ventured that far south DxD I'll be honest, I don't know if I could ever live in the south: 1. IT'S SO HOT; 2. I get so disoriented when I hear people say "y'all" DxD

Basket full o Tsums by penguincoco
Basket full o Tsums
More tsum xD 

The 2015 Japan Valentine's Day Set and Ortensia :aww: 
The Little Mermaid by penguincoco
The Little Mermaid
More tsums xD 

The Little Mermaid set c: 
On the rim of my bathtub DxD 
Ariel, Scuttle and Flounder are my favorites from this set c: 

And okay on the topic of the Little Mermaid am I the only one who thinks Eric is the most handsome Disney prince? DxD </s>


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(or at least skim through this journal if you have time DxD This journal will address many important things SUCH AS: COMMISSIONS, DETAILS ABOUT MY PERSONAL SITUATION/EXPLANATIONS, MY PERSONAL ART, ETC... )

Okay. First thing's first.
Explanation time. 
(My personal situation and art)
I know for the past two years I've kind of been on and off the radar. I'm not as active as I should/wish I could be and that's because for a long time, I felt empty. I felt lonely and nothing but negativity.
It was an indescribable feeling. 
I know how cliche it sounds but it's just what it felt like. I lost focus with everything, I lost interest in everything and that really hurt me. Mainly I lost interest in art and drawing and art has always been an outlet for me and losing it damaged my personality so much. I really didn't know what to do or where to go. 
I still drew, but I never did anything good anymore. The quality of my art dropped too (I bet you've all seen my recent Character Dumps? Yeah, look at their eyes (most of all, the eyes just decreased in quality times 10 and I got sloppy with lineart, coloring, etc...). In addition to not having the energy to make art to what I would have wanted, that lack of energy also made me very unhappy with art so I kind of just quit for a while. 
I lived in darkness for a long time and was totally unhappy almost all of the time. And when I felt happy, it didn't feel good cause I knew that feeling would go away soon and when it went away, I usually had a bad crash. I'd be on a high and then instead of just coming down from it slowly, I came crashing down and then would have to pick myself up. 

Recently, I've gotten back some of my energy. I'm not sure how or why or what happened, but I've felt the energy and strength to rebuild myself. To just stand up and remember how great it is to be alive. To feel the sun on my face and remember that no matter how bad or dark things become, light will always show through and things WILL get better.
I've found the ability to draw and create again and it's been so liberating and wonderful being able to do what I love again. 
With that being said, I will be (trying) to start a few projects the summer to keep myself busy. I've already started one and it's brought me joy and happiness that I haven't felt in two years. 

I'm trying to get back on my feet with my personal art and with that, I'll do my best to pick myself up and keep working on (many long over due) commissions! 
Thank you so much for all the people who have already been SO INCREDIBLY patient with me (patience that I don't really deserve in my opinion). I promise, I will do my best to find the energy to draw a WORTHY commission for you <3

And on an unrelated topic, I'm sure most of you have heard that same sex marriage was legalized in the U.S.! I can't describe how happy I am. People should have the right to love and marry whomever they want regardless of sex. 
Congratulations to all the newlyweds out there <3 

Sorry if this was kind of long, I tried my best to keep it short ;u; 



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Artist | Traditional Art
United States
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A little more about me...
-I have 1 older sister
-I love to draw; especially Chibi's :meow:
-I have so many OC's that I can't remember them...
-I don't have any pets (Well, do stuffed animals count? xD)
-My favorite animal is a penguin :D
-My favorite colors are light green and light turquoise blue :)
-I spazz out hysterically a lot
-My favorite Art Supplies/Art/Art Whatever company is Faber Castell
-I'm a Martian from Pluto (lolwhut)
-I've always wanted to visit New Zealand
-I'm a fangirl of so many things (*ahem* Percy Jackson, Avatar the Last Airbender, Code Lyoko, Dragonball, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, Teen Titans, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, DC Comics, Legend of Korra, Young Justice, Sailor Moon, Team StarKid, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Code Lyoko Evolution, Savvy, Vocaloid, The Hobbit *ahem* no big deal, lol)
Twitter: @penguincoco11
Instagram: penguincoco

Favorite Anime Character(s): Tahno, Asami, Bolin, Chief Bei Fong, Lita/Sailor Jupiter/Makoto
Favorite Vocaloid(s): Kagamine Rin and Len, Kamui Gakupo, KAITO
Favorite Cartoon Character(s): Nightwing, Jinx, Batman, Razer the Red Lantern, Aya, Zatanna
Favorite Book or Movie Characters: Gred and Forge, Severus Snape, Leo Valdez

OTPs: Severus x Lily (Sily? xD), Barney x Robin (SWARKLES :D), Blue Beetle x Impulse (BluePulse), Razer x Aya (Razaya)

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Will Farrell

Favorite StarKids: Lauren Lopez, Brian Holden, Joe Walker

Current Residence: Pigfarts
Favourite genre of music: UM... POTATO. Did I get an A? loljk Does Vocaloid count as a genre? xD
Favourite style of art: Chibi :D
Personal Quote: "If you can't fix it with duct tape, screw it, it's broke"

YAY! Deviants I know in real life: :iconblaqbee::iconindigo-sparks-fly::iconvabvibe::iconhonolulu-blue::iconmrsupermuffinman::icontotocrokka::iconnomolos-gnaw::icontip-of-the-top-hat:



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